Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We are so excited! Mark was awarded a sabbatical from the Rasmuson Foundation and will be taking the entire summer off with us. He couldn't think of a better way to relax and rejuvenate than packing the entire family
in an RV and driving around the "lower 48". We will see places we've never seen and take our boys on a vacation they (hopefully) will never forget. We have 3 months to plan our trip and have been having great fun researching and planning our route. We hope to spend a lot of time on the beach and visit as many baseball parks as possible. Until then, we will continue to enjoy a great Alaskan winter and finish our school year. Stay tuned for more adventures!


  1. Mark,

    Will definitely get with you about things to do (family fun) in New Orleans. Have a freind who owns an airboat that I believe gives swamp tours- a must do in Louisiana. Will see if he still does it or if he can refer you to someone who currently does. Don't worry, I'll still call you next week to discuss other family stuff to do. -Merlin

  2. Mark, if you are in Louisiana, let me know and I will have my daughter give me some suggestions of things to do. By the way, the gulf water gets extremely warm, and humidity gets high. Dring lots of water. Enjoy your time off. Jackie A


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